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Editing Services

Hi there! Outside of buying books and writing reviews, I do freelance editing for a wide array of projects and works-in-progress. I really love getting to know a writer so we can work together to get your writing where you want it to be.


Prices are flexible and vary depending on each project (length, type of editing, desired outcome, etc.); however, I use the medium per-word price suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association as a jumping off point.


I'd love to have a chat with you about what you're looking for, get to know your novel or work, and get going on chasing down those plot bunnies or adding the finishing touches to get you querying. 

Manuscript Critique (Beta)

You've finished your story! Congrats! After all that time with your characters and plots running through your head, it's finally time to share it with someone else. 

Share your manuscript with me, and I'll write you a critique about what's working and what needs work. The focus will range from concept to character to dialogue. With these first comments, you'll have a good place to start your next round of editing.

Development Editing

If you're like me, you've got a solid idea... maybe even too many of them. Development editing makes me a soundboard for all those plot bunnies, and we'll work together to get those runaway trains from brain to page. 

We'll find the right pacing and tone, get that dialogue tuned for each character, and map out what will keep your readers flipping the pages. 

Let's chat

Looking forward to discussing your project soon!


You're just about ready to publish, but there's one more step: the final proof. There's nothing worse than finding typos and small mistakes on the finalized copy of your book.

Let's make sure we don't miss anything by allowing me to do a final run-through of your manuscript. I'll look for syntax, spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors to make sure nothing distracts the reader.

Copy Editing

We're getting closer to publishing, but you need to do one more sweep. Copy editing includes identifying typos, grammatical, and syntax errors, but does a deeper dive into inconsistencies and redundancies in your writing. 

Copy editing helps drive your points home, ensuring that the writing is clear and flows to get your point/purpose across in the best way possible. 

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