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"But of all things in all worlds, words are power." - Red Rising

RudeFiction is a pet-project, started as a way to rant about books, remember what I read (and how I felt about them), and make some friends in the bookish community! The blog is all about getting to nerd out over any and every kind of book, and share our thoughts - whether that's gushing or groaning. 

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The Story

Writing and books have always been my go-to, my little way of dissociating from difficult days, making friends, and sharing what I love with a community that loves the same things. I've always shared my writing and my thoughts with different writing communities, going all the way back to in 2009, where I wrote fanfiction, original stories, and posted reviews of other writers' work. 

When that site stopped being my home, when I stopped writing fanfic and stories and turned to plotting novels on my own, I really missed that sense of connection. Then when COVID-19 happened, I loss all sense of community, finishing up my Master's in Literature and Rhet/Comp online. RudeFiction sparked to life during that period, as a way of being productive, focusing on what I love, and trying to forge some sort of excitement during that scary time. 

RudeFiction has remained a passion project, but it's starting to expand into a business, allowing me to introduce myself as an editor to all the writers out there, to show them my thoughts on an array of books. 

Whether you're hear for the blog or the editing, thanks for popping by.

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writer, editor, book nerd (cat obsessed).



food lover, book lover, cat lover..

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