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Hi there! I'm Maddi - a freelance editor and writer with years of experience in both fiction, academic, and journalistic (AP-style) writing. In my past lives, I was a university writing coach and a composition instructor, with degrees in writing across the board. 

My undergraduate degrees are in English (creative writing) and journalism (print writing), 

while my master's degree is in Literature (British and American) and Rhetoric and

Composition, focusing on the history of writing and how writing happens in relation

to time period, contemporary politics, and genre.

Outside of my professional experience, I've been editing and providing feedback for

other people's stories since I was young, having grown up in online writing communities,

writing classrooms, and writer's groups. 

Over the last eight years, I've helped hundreds of people hone their writing, clarify their 

points and plots, and create a final product they're excited about. I believe that writing is

always collaborative, and it takes a great team to make great content.

I will work with really any genre, but my favorites are romance and fantasy - both Adult and YA. I also really enjoy working on academic publications (journal articles, academic books, etc.). I am open to narrative nonfiction manuscripts as well. Feel free to ask about anything else; I enjoy most things!

I really believe that the editing process should be enjoyable and collaborative, and there's something crucial about really getting to know the writer and the world they're trying to create. Editing is more than just scouring for typos and missed commas; it's about walking through the book's world together and urging those characters along. 

I would love to meet your characters and help bring your book to life.

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